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Picking the Right Paint Sheen

There are five different levels of sheen: high gloss, semi-gloss, satin, eggshell and flat. Choosing the right level is a key factor in creating an visual impact.  The differences between the levels are an important consideration when selecting paint.

High Gloss

  • most durable and easiest to clean
  • most reflective - makes it great to highlight trim details
  • shows wall imperfections


  • shows imperfections
  • high durability
  • hides moisture drips, stains
  • good for kitchens, bathrooms


  • easy to clean
  • reveals application imperfections
  • excellent for high traffic areas


  • elegant low sheen
  • covers wall imperfections well
  • works well for low traffic areas


  • absorbs rather than reflects light
  • provides the most coverage 
  • hides wall imperfections
  • difficult to clean
  • best for low traffic areas and ceilings