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How to Choose the Perfect Pendant Light for your Kitchen

Your pendant light in your kitchen can be a great statement piece, help with the functionality of the kitchen, and more. However, there are so many types and styles of pendant lighting it can quickly become overwhelming trying to choose the right one.

One thing you should think about the other light sources in your kitchen. Does it have large windows that get lots of light during the day? Then you might just need task lighting for the counter to help you while you cook. Do you already have ceiling lights? Then you might just need a decorative light to make a statement. The pendant lights should fill the gaps in the lighting that your kitchen has.

This gap can be filled by one of the four basic forms of lighting; task lights, ambient, accent, and decorative.

Task lights illuminate a specific area to help you see well while working. To help light up a certain area of a counter you will want to look for a light fixture that aims downward with open bottom. This will ensure that it lets out a high degree of light.

Ambient lighting will illuminate an entire room. Just because a light fixture is bigger doesn’t mean it will let out more light if it still only has one bulb. To get an even glow throughout your entire kitchen consider multiple lights spread across an island or counter or a fixture with multiple bulbs.

Accent lighting with highlight a certain feature or piece. This is something that usually isn’t seen in the kitchen, however it could be used to help draw attention to a certain countertop. Maybe a light will help amplify the various tones in the countertop.

If you accessed your kitchen and found that you already have a decent amount of lighting than you might just need some decorative light to make a big impression. For decorative lighting in your kitchen consider a pendant that has a softer glow that isn’t a targeted light.  You might try to find a light that casts a n interesting shadow on the ceiling. By doing so you are drawing the eye up which is great for higher ceilings. If your house has a specific style such as traditional, craftsman, or country you might consider finding a piece that meets this style. This will help bring that style into your kitchen while also making a statement.

Of course one pendant light could have multiple uses or fall into multiple categories but it ultimately depends on what you need out of the lighting in your kitchen.  It is also important to note that these are also things you might consider when picking out lighting for the rest of your house as well.