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Save or Splurge ?

When completing a remodeling job there are many different factors that go into the final budget for the project.  For example, when you are completing a kitchen remodel you might also need to replace cabinets, faucets, countertops, sinks, and lighting. Some of these are high-ticket items make up the largest portion of the project costs. This also means that these are some of the easiest areas to save money. Do you choose to spend the extra $12-$15 for soft close cabinets or settle for normal cabinets? A standard faucet can cost about $50 however, if you want a faucet that has a pullout, pull-down, or side spray you are looking at about $150-$250.

The same thing goes for bathroom remodels.  For a midrange bathroom remodel the average cost can be around $16,724. Tile floors can vary drastically in price per square foot and you also have to consider labor costs. In addition, if you want heated floors you are looking at even greater costs. When it comes to bathtubs, showers, and toilets you can always save some money by picking a model without all the bells and whistles.

Has the summer had you spending a lot of time outside? Have you been thinking that maybe it is time to build or update your deck? Composite decking can be nice because it doesn’t splinter, warp, or rot however you are looking about $32-$45 per square foot for a complete deck. This is double the cost for a pressure treated wood or cedar deck.  You then also have to consider the costs for railing to go along with the deck.

If you are looking to save some extra money on your project these are some things to consider in order cut back on costs. You can always talk to your builder to find some other products that might provide you with some wiggle room in your project costs.