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Costly Mistakes You Want to Avoid......

A builder will always try to do their best to stay within your set budget for a project. However, part of staying in within budget is also your responsibility. A recent survey by consumer reports determined some of the main mistakes that can cause issues for homeowners and builders alike. Among them are:

Changing your mind. After a project begins, it can become costly to change your mind especially if products have already been purchased or installed. By changing your mind you are having to back track on previous work, which means you have to pay for additional labor costs to remove the prior work and make changes.

Using open-ended contracts means that your project might get pushed back when the remodeler receives another project. Make sure that your project has a specific start and end date and that the contract includes that details about materials being used.

Don’t forget about functionality when designing a new room. Did you design your dream kitchen but forget to include drawers, a built in trash can, or ample storage space? Under cabinet lighting can help eliminate shadows on the counter. Did your bathroom design have lots of drawers and cabinets but some of them are just barely big enough to hold a hairbrush?

Make sure you just don’t rely on rough sketches because they aren’t accurate at showing design challenges and flaws. Make sure the drawings show dimensions as well as structural changes begin made.