Floors can make the biggest statement in a home, setting the scene for an interior’s design. That’s why it’s important to be selective. If you’re still living with the same carpet from the 90s, it’s time to upgrade. We can help.

 But before doing so, we’ve rounded up our top wood flooring trends to help get you inspired.

 First up is hardwood flooring, the most beloved. Chances are if you recently built a home or are looking to remodel, hardwood is at the top of your list—and for good reason. Not only does it add to the home’s value, but also it’s a choice that will make any room look amazing since it’s solid wood (one piece of wood that’s about 3/4 inch thick) and comes in a variety of beloved species such as oak, cherry and hickory. Sure, it’s a more costly option, but it’s a material that is going to last as long as it’s properly maintained.

 Be mindful that hardwood flooring is susceptible to changes in humidity. You wouldn’t want to put traditional hardwood in an area such as a basement because of damp conditions, which is why an alternative is engineered hardwood.

 It’s more affordable and combines a top layer of genuine hardwood with multiple layers of ply plank underneath. They look very similar and come in similar styles as well, but hardwood has more options.

 The upside of engineered wood is that you can include this in numerous places inside the home compared to solid wood. Engineered wood will add value to the home, though solid hardwood will always prevail longer.

 And for those of you who might be more budget-conscious, there is luxury vinyl plank, also known as LVP.  This flooring resembles wood, but it’s individual pieces of vinyl made to mimic the real thing and can even feel like the real thing. Homeowners will easily save several thousand dollars going this route.

 Some things to keep in mind: LVP comes either water-resistant or waterproof, which is the more expensive of the two options. The good thing about LVP is that there are more options to choose from style wise than you would find from traditional hardwood or engineered hardwood, plus it’s easy on your feet and durable; no need to worry about scratches if you have little kids running around.

 Whatever you choose, there are plenty of options that will satisfy all home needs. The question is: which do you envision?

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