Have you been considering increasing the curb appeal of your home by adding some stone veneer, adding or replacing your deck with wood or composite, or adding a porch to the front of your home? If so, you could receive anywhere from 63% to 97% back on your investment. However you also shouldn’t forget about updating your front door, whether you are replacing the whole thing or just want to update the color here are some things you should consider.

First make sure you pick a color and style that fits your home. Don’t pick a color because it’s your favorite color. Look at the other colors that appear in your home’s exterior. Pay attention to the tones that appear in the wood, brick, or siding. Do you have shutters or other accents consider picking a color to coordinate with them. 

Use your front door to express yourself and show off some of your personality.

Before you make a decision make sure to test paint samples outside to see how they look with different strengths of light. That way you are positive that it will look great in the morning and evening.  You can also use Therma Tru’s Doorway App to visualize doors on your home.