Are you considering remodeling your bathroom? Have you already picked out new tiles, colors, and faucets? Have you thought about replacing your toilet? It may surprise you, but there is more to consider than looks when selecting a toilet.

There are thousands of toilet designs on the market, but you will need to find one that fits in your space. You will need to look at the rough-in distance, which is the distance from the finished wall to the center of the sewer drain for the toilet. Knowing this measurement will help narrow your search. The standard rough-in is 12 inches.

If you have a small bathroom you might consider a round bowl to save some space. An elongated toilet bowl can measure up to 31 inches from the wall, but a round bowl maxes out at about 28 inches. Round bowls also tend to be less expensive.

The standard toilet bowl sits about 14 inches from the ground. However many manufactures are now offering taller toilets which might be more comfortable for taller people. They are also make it easier to stand up and sit down.

Did you know that toilets come in different styles? A two-piece toilet where the tank bolts on top of the ball is usually the most affordable. A one-piece toilet is often easier to clean because the tank is integrated into the bowl and there are no seams. A wall-mounted toilet can add drama to a bathroom and are easy to clean underneath but they require a thicker wall.

Next you will have to find a toilet that flushes affectively. Many manufacturers have low-flow toilets that work by using a gravity or power assisted flush. But some toilets will still function better than others so consider talking to a salesperson or your contractor. Technology has also brought about the invention of duel flush toilets that feature a split plunger-style flush mechanism on top of the tank.

The last thing you will need to consider are any add-ons. Upgrades include soft closing toilet seats, heated toilet seats, and seats with built in bidet.