Updating your hardware and light fixtures can give your front door a new look. Symmetry also helps create a welcoming entryway. 

Updating your hardware and light fixtures can give your front door a new look. Symmetry also helps create a welcoming entryway. 

Front Door Makeover

The front entry of your home is the main focal point of curb appeal. You can make a statement by painting your front door or installing a custom wood door. Make sure your front door is clean, and use a metal polish on any door fixtures will ensure your front door looks it best. You can also use add a wreath or decoration that reflects your personal style.

Remove old hardware

When was the last time you replaced or cleaned your house numbers, entry door lockset, wall-mounted mailbox, or outdoor light fixtures? These are all elements that have potential to add style and interest to your home’s curb appeal. However, if they are outdated or dingy they may have the opposite effect. Also make sure these pieces function collectively.

Create Symmetry

Having a symmetrical entrance is pleasing to the eye and easy to arrange. Having symmetrical lighting or front-door accents helps create a welcoming entryway.  Installing a light on each side of the door, or placing two planters on either side of the door can easily achieve this.


Utilize outdoor lighting

Having low-voltage landscape lighting not only provides safety and security it will also have a huge impact on your curb appeal. Lighting can be used to light trees, the house, or walkways. This can be done on a budget by using solar fixtures, just know that it is not as reliable as lights that require wiring.

Renew planter beds

If your flowerbeds are out of control it can affect the overall appearance of your home. Pruning your flowerbeds, pulling weeds, planting flowers, and mulching will all help increase your curb appeal. If you have borders around your garden beds clean or replace any that are dirty or broken.

Update your mailbox

A mailbox is something that most people forget about. However, if you pick a box that mirrors your home’s style it will increase the curb appeal. You can also easily dress up your current mailbox by painting the wooden post to match your home’s exterior, updating your house numbers on it, or surrounding it with a garden.

Create Planter Gardens

A quick and affordable way to increase your curb appeal and give your home a welcoming feel is to create a garden. This can easily be done by using ready-made containers from a garden center or creating your own planters with your favorite plants. Focus on having a staggered, asymmetrical arrangement with a variety of colors and textures.

Add outdoor art

One-way to incorporate your personal style into the outside of your home is to add weather-resistant artwork to your home’s exterior. But make sure what you do add complements your home’s colors and exterior elements. Easy pieces to add include birdbaths, metal cutouts and sculptures, wind chimes, and fountains. If you add a fountain place it in optimum hearing and sight vantage points.

Add shutters

Installing shutters is a quick and easy way to increase your curb appeal. They come in various materials so you can choose the one that best suits you and your budget. New composite materials make shutters more durable and low maintenance. Consider matching your shutters to the color of your front door to further increase your curb appeal. 

Install borders to your gardens

Adding stone or brick borders to your gardens is an easy way to dress up your current gardens. It will make them stand out against your yard or driveway; it will also help keep your garden beds contained.