Christmas is almost here and its a great time to look back and reflect on the year. We have truly enjoyed working with all of our clients to help them make their remodeling dreams a reality. CoConstruct plays a large part in helping us complete our projects and makes our lives a bit easier, which is just one of the reason why we love it. However, it makes us glad to know that we are working with a company that cares so much about doing some good for the world. 

Check out the message below to see how they are skipping Christmas cards and giving back. 

Hi Connie,
It’s that time of year when I sincerely thank you for your business by what I don’t do for you.

No bland corporate greeting card that you “file” in the trash.

No preservative-laden baked good that you abandon on the breakroom table.

But don’t get me wrong.

Since I don’t get to see most of our clients face-to-face, it’s hard to show you true appreciation that doesn’t come off as some cheesy, half-hearted ploy written by the marketing intern.

That’s why, years ago, I added up how much I spent on cards and gifts to clients and realized that we could take that money and do something much bigger.

Something more lasting. Something that would literally change lives.

And I hoped our clients would see that as a heartfelt “thank you.”

How did we do it?
By redirecting our “greeting card money” to charities that make a difference.

The stats show that bringing clean, drinkable water to people without it makes a mind-blowing difference in slashing infant mortality, boosting literacy, and even preventing rape.

So, starting in 2012, we teamed up with charity: water. Their system makes it easy for you to see our donation hard at work, plus allows you to contribute alongside us.

Since then, we’ve funded wells for villages in Ethiopia and filtration systems for families in Cambodia. You can see some of the pictures here. Over the years, we’ve donated and raised nearly $70,000 to these and similar causes.

That’s how we want to say thank you — by changing some lives around the world on your behalf.

This year, we’re doing it again. We’ve already put in $5,000 to get things started, and I’ll explain in a moment how we’ll match to make your donations go even further, with the goal of getting to at least $15,000 by year’s end to bring fresh water to one, if not two, villages.

And as we look ahead to some big plans in 2018 to help you end the chaos in your days and create rewarding building experiences for you and your clients, I want to pause, reflect on 2017, and say thank you for letting our team serve yours this year.

It’s always a pleasure.

I wish you nothing but the merriest Christmas and Happy New Year.


Donny Wyatt
Founder and CEO, CoConstruct